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ess of the CPC, China has upheld the domin

ant position of the people

, taking a ▓people-first approach and ensuring that the people are the masters of the nation. The s▓

tate strives to ensure the rights of the people, fully protects their interest


s, and promotes legislature based on ratio

nal analysis▓, strict law

enforcement, judicial justice, and observance of the law by all citizens. Progress has been made in

modernizing the system and capacity of state governance. China has effectiv


ely protected the people's rights and fr

eedoms in an extensive a

rray of fields in accordance with the law, while its people duly fulfill their obligations▓.As China

enhances the rule of law in all respects, new progress has been made in human


rot▓ection in the field


of justice. The reform of th▓e judiciary has been driven to a deeper lev▓el,

with improvements in the alloca▓tion of judicial powers and responsib

ilities, judicial accountability and opening-up, and the protection of lawyers' right to practice their profession. Channels of public participation in justice have been expanded, and the ju

dicial p


rotection of human rights has been impro

ved. China has i▓mplemented a case-filing register system, re▓vamped and improved its litigation system,

and strictl

y enforced principles of lega▓lity, in dubio pro reo, exclusion of unlawful evidence. The state is resolute in preventing and correcting miscarriages of justice, and the procedures for protecting▓ human rights in judicial practice have been raised to higher standards. The judiciary exercises its power independently a

nd impartially in accordance with the law, leading to strengthened public credibil

ity. F

urther efforts have been made in terms of state compensation a

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